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March 2014 Grading

March 2014 saw Roaring Tiger Family Martial Arts in London, Ontario, Grade several of our students for their next belt level. Sometimes Karate is exhausting…but usually it’s the adults that struggle. 🙂 Ready Stance Nice start to a downward block. Kama 1 Weapon Set:  Well done! Double inward block. Kick’n Jump Kick! Adult Self Defense […]

Black Belt Candidate Classes begin Jan 31, 2014

Roaring Tiger Family Martial Arts has begun it’s Black Belt Candidate classes for those students grading for their Junior or Adult Black Belt in June. These classes are held once per week and include preparation for all the self defenses, forms, sets and theory required for each individual’s grading. To add value, this year, RTFMA […]

January 2014 Grading

January 2014 Gradings RTFMA is pleased to announce the successful grading of 6 of our Kenpo Karate students. Congratulations to: Anastasia, Vanessa, Ariana, Eric, James, and Andrew!       

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