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About us


Several years ago, our family decided to get up off the couch and away from the tv in order to enjoy each other’s company while exercising both our minds and bodies.  Kenpo Karate is set up so that each family member can progress at their own pace regardless of physical condition, body type or physical or mental limitations.   It’s not a race but a rewarding  journey towards self discovery that builds confidence and self esteem.

Roaring Tiger Family Martial Arts encourages each and every individual to stretch their own limits yet not to compare themselves to anyone else but themselves.   We encourage all family members to participate in our enjoyable and safe environment while learning a variety of life skills.

All students will learn a variety of skills tailored to fulfill their individual needs:

  • Children and youth will develop coordination and confidence

  • Parents, and especially women, will learn potentially life saving skills

  • As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of children developing the skills and confidence to deal positively, in a non-violent manner, with school yard issues.


To Share Our Love for Martial Arts in order to:

  • Provide each student with a positive and rewarding experience in Martial Arts

  • Instill and nurture each student’s confidence, control, self esteem, courtesy and respect for themselves and others

About American Kenpo

American Kenpo, American Kenpo Karate or Kenpo Karate, was created by Ed Parker. It's a modern martial arts system based on more modern styles of street fighting applying logic and practicality. Parker significantly altered the original Kenpo to create American Kenpo.

For further information on American Kenpo, please refer to this Wikipedia link:

About SoKKA

The Southern Ontario Kenpo Karate Association (SOKKA) was launched in 2022.  The founding Dojos included Roaring Tiger Family Martial Arts (London, Ontario) and Wallaceburg Martial Arts (Wallaceburg, Ontario).  Both these schools are Allied Schools of The Kenpo International (KI) which is managed by Grand Master Gilbert Velez (Arizona), Grand Master Doreen DiRienzo (Boston), and Master Norman Sandler (Florida).

In Japanese, Sokka (そうか) means “to believe”.


SOKKA, as a Kenpo Karate Association, believes in upholding the 7 principles of a black belt (honesty, humility, courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance and indomitable spirit) set out by Grand Master Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo Karate. We believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their physical condition, gender identity, body type, and physical or mental limitations. We believe that everyone’s journey in attaining Black Belt Excellence should be fostered, nourished and supported. Becoming a black belt is each individual’s personal journey and as an organization, we are there to help positively guide each and everyone’s journey.

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