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SOKKA Black Belt Grading 2022

The first annual S.O.K.K.A. Black Belt Grading Day was a huge success on Saturday October 15, 2022. Students from Wallaceburg Martial Arts and Roaring Tiger Family Martial Arts started off bright and early at 8:00 am sharp!! They were tested on their basic fundamentals, forms, sets, weapons, arnis, wrist locks, self defense techniques and sparring skills as they tested before the S.O.K.K.A. grading panel. Sensei Jason Arnold, from Kenpo International, was present to observe the proceedings which finished off in the evening with Black Belt presentations and a huge banquet put on by the parents from both clubs. A special thank you to Michael Carter, the photographer from Wallaceburg and Timothy Richards, owner and videographer from Dynamite Wedding Videos for all of their film and video footage, as well as all the parents who assisted in this amazing day.

Congratulations and GRRReat Work Black Belt Candidates!!

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