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student Fees

Fees are $100 per Student Monthly

Part-time Membership $60.00

First month's and June's fees to be paid up front. 

Fees to be paid at the beginning of each month thereafter. 

Note* All Student Fee prices include HST, and Student Fees must be paid in full at time of enrollment. No refunds will be issued for any unused portion (exceptions include Doctor's note).

First Time (paid) Students receive a free RTFMA t-shirt! ($25.00 Value)

Mandatory additions

RTFMA Patches - $15.00 (including HST) each

Southern Ontario Kenpo Karate Association (SOKKA) Patches - $30.00 (including HST) each

Black Gi Uniforms - approximately $100.00 (incl HST)  **prices vary by size

All Black Belt Candidates Require Several Mandatory Patches

Weapons and Sparring Gear are available as the student progresses  **prices vary

Additional RTFMA T-Shirt - $25.00 (incl HST)*

Grading Fees

Tigers and Dragons
All Tiger Levels $40.00
All Dragon Levels $45.00

Junior / Teen / Adult

Advanced White to Advanced Yellow Belts $50.00
Orange to Advanced Purple Belts $50.00
Blue to Advanced Green Belts $55.00

Third Brown to Black Belt Candidate $60.00

All Junior Black Belt Levels $60.00
All Probationary Black Belt Levels $60.00

Note* All Grading Fees include HST

Note** All Black Belt Gradings are overseen by SOKKA Examination Panel

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