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January 2014 Grading

January 2014 Gradings RTFMA is pleased to announce the successful grading of 6 of our Kenpo Karate students. Congratulations to: Anastasia, Vanessa, Ariana, Eric, James, and Andrew!       


Tigers and Dragons Program (ages 5 to 6) Children’s Program (ages 7 to 12) Teen Program (ages 13 to 17) Adult Program (ages 18 and up) (Discounts available for two or more family members)

RTFMA Code of Conduct

Students must arrive on time and in uniform ready for class. Students must not arrive more than 10 minutes before their class begins. Students and observers must be quiet while classes are in session. No profanity, gambling, food, or gum is allowed in the dojo. Students must not wear jewelry or piercings into the dojo. […]

The Significance of a Black Belt

Black signifies the darkness beyond the Sun. A black belt seeks new, more profound knowledge of the Art. As a sensei begins to teach others, he or she plants new seeds and helps them grow and mature. A sensei’s students, many whom will form roots deep into the Art, blossom and grow through the ranks […]

Benefits of Karate for people of all ages and abilities

Confidence and Esteem Building Non-violent Conflict Resolution and Self Defense Courtesy and Respect for Self and Others Focus and Concentration Positive Attitude and Motivation Independence and Teamwork Enjoyment Goal Setting and Achievement Positive Changes Self-Discipline Mental and Physical Fitness Stress Reduction   We invite you to view our Master, Dr. Steve Stewart’s videos: Benefits for […]

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