Code of Conduct

  1. Students must arrive on time and in uniform ready for class.
  2. Students must not arrive more than 10 minutes before their class begins.
  3. Students and observers must be quiet while classes are in session.
  4. No profanity, gambling, food, or gum is allowed in the dojo.
  5. Students must not wear jewelry or piercings into the dojo.
  6. No unauthorized running, fighting, or horseplay is allowed in the dojo.
  7. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervision of their children prior to and after class. RTFMA is not responsible for the supervision of students outside of class time.
  8. RTFMA is not responsible for the supervision of non-students at any time.
  9. Students and/or parents/guardians must immediately report any injuries to the highest ranking instructor present at the time of the injury.
  10. Students must wear a full authorized uniform, including belt, to every class.
  11. All amounts owing to RTFMA must be paid in full prior to a student grading.
  12. Students must obey the instructor(s) at all times, both in and out of class.
  13. Student and observers must not in any way prevent, interrupt, or otherwise interfere with the instruction of any students.
  14. Students are encouraged to use the washroom before or after class.
  15. RTFMA may impose such sanctions as it sees fit, including suspension or termination of the student without refund, at its sole discretion, for any violation of this Code of Conduct.
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