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web of knowledge

Web of Knowledge

The Web of Knowledge was created and developed by the original Grand Master, Ed Parker, and is the foundation of Kenpo Karate.   It is prioritized according to the degree of difficulty in handling an attack : Grabs / Tackles: the simplest form of attack, in which a more advanced attack is not the first offensive […]

Kenpo Karate History

  Per Wikipedia:  “The modern history of American Kenpo began in the 1940s, when Great Grandmaster James Mitose (1916–1981) started teaching his ancestral Japanese martial art, Kosho-Ryu Kenpo, in Hawaii.[4] Mitose’s art, later called Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu, traditionally traces its origin to Shaolin Kung Fu and Bodhidharma.[5] Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes punching, striking, kicking, locking, and throwing.[5] Mitose’s art was very linear, lacking the circular motions in […]

Benefits of Karate for people of all ages and abilities

Confidence and Esteem Building Non-violent Conflict Resolution and Self Defense Courtesy and Respect for Self and Others Focus and Concentration Positive Attitude and Motivation Independence and Teamwork Enjoyment Goal Setting and Achievement Positive Changes Self-Discipline Mental and Physical Fitness Stress Reduction   We invite you to view our Master, Dr. Steve Stewart’s videos: Benefits for […]


Kenpo Creed

“I come to you with only karate, my empty hands.  I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honour; should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, karate, my empty hands.”    


2013 Registration

While we take registration at any time of the year, the September 2013 registration dates for Roaring Tiger Family Martial Arts in the gym at Byron Northview Public School’s gym, are as follows: Tuesday September 10 @ 6:30 – 8:50 pm Friday September 13 @ 6:30 – 8:50 pm Tuesday September 17 @ 6:30 – 8:50 pm […]

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